Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Abstract Memoirs

Something, which the human mind or even an animals mind can do or rather store automatically, are memories. Memories may not seem important but they are. For example, amnesia is nothing but “lack of memory” in common jargon. But in scientific terms, it may have a long long definition.

So, I feel it is very important to retain memories and not shut them out or forget them because that would tantamount to “voluntary amnesia.”

Now, voluntary amnesia is not at all healthy [it does not take a medical practitioner to know this] but then again, it might be healthy. There are two ways to look at it. The first is to shut out awful memories and go ahead with life. But, what if the awful memories come in a rush & flood the conscious & the subconscious? The human being will get into a psychological mess & may or may not recover. This is the second way to which a person, or rather his subconscious can react.

Memories can stop a human being from falling into depression and also push him/her into depression. This is where positive [good] & negative [bad] memories come in. Positive memories play a huge role in a human being’s life. What is life without cheer & joyous memories of time spent with loved ones? How is the feeling of not being loved, wanted or cherished? Simply dreadful to say the least. In other words, it is no life at all. It is as good as being dead. But, the dead are peaceful below the ground. The ones who lead a life without happy memories are the “living dead”.

They have no rosy memories to look back upon. This by itself leaves them with absolutely no positive connection to anyone. They feel barred from the happiness of feeling happy and this is extremely negative as detrimental emotions like a sense of lonesomeness, bitterness et cetera are triggered. This harms a person to an extent, which only time can tell.

Memories need not necessarily be cogent. They can be abstract and for most people, the things, which are stored most in their subconscious, are abstract positive or negative memories.

As far as possible, every human being should try to avoid these negative thoughts to the best of his/her ability as these can drive anyone insane. Not insane to such an extent so as to drive the person to the loony bin but definitely make the person “abnormal.” I am not referring to “abnormal” as being nuts. I am simply referring to it in the plane of “not enjoying a happy and secure mental condition” which automatically triggers abnormality, which may not be noticed by the human circle unless examined under a “magnifying glass”which means that only close friends [if the person has any, because normally a person who is lonely may not come all out to make friends. He/she waits for people to approach him/her. It is not because the person is arrogant. It is merely because the person feels the fear of “lack of acceptance”.] can find out.

The “lack of acceptance” is a universal feeling. But the only difference is that some people keep this feeling a secret or just ignore it when it rises within them. But some tend to display it, not purposefully but instinctively because their subconscious feels they they may not fit in with the social crowd.

All these feelings are abstract as the subconscious takes in more abstract memories than cogent memories. So, I hope the fact of trying your best to store only positive memories settles down in ur subconscious and what is more? I hope u do it.