Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My First Memories

When does a baby first become conscious of everything happening around it? It happens at a very early age – the time when the baby thinks by itself, probably in baby language. (Once upon a time,we all knew the language).

'Earliest memories' or 'first memories' are terms used in psychoanalytic therapy to designate those few isolated recollections, which usually precede the beginning of continuous remembrance. Almost without exception, people report the beginning of continuous memory at a certain approximate age, but usually a very few fragmentary images can be revived from much earlier times.

Different individuals, but usually not much before the age of five state continuous memories to begin at different ages. An occasional person can remember nothing prior to so late an age as nine; sometimes no very early isolated memories either, but this is the rare exception. It is not unusual for a first memory to go back to the age of two years and even before.

My first memory when I was a baby in my mother’s arms:
I was sick and I was being held in my mother’s arms wrapped up in a white sheet and I was wondering why I was being wrapped up.

Memories when I was about two years old:
My maternal grandmother had me on her lap and was singing songs to me.
My paternal grandmother was wheeling me around in a pink perambulator and I was wondering why I was being wheeled around.

A Memory when I was three years old:
My parents discussing in English, the fact that I was too young to understand any language.

A Memory when I was four years old:
My mom telling my dad that she is happy as I don’t know I am being taken to the doctor and hence, I won’t create a scene by screaming.